Aline Newton Rolfing® Structural Integration

Neuroscience of Touch: Touch and the Brain

Brain image made out of little cogwheels.

Introduction Have you ever felt the touch of someone’s hand on your shoulder and found yourself letting go of tension you didn’t even know you were holding? We can probably all remember the impact a touch has had on us, whether casually or in a therapeutic setting. As practitioners, we have daily experiences of the … Read more

PE for ME

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Course Description The sensing, thinking, moving body is the basis of our experience in the world; it is the very foundation on which cognitive intelligence is built. Physical Intelligence, then, is the inherent ability of the human organism to function in extraordinary accord with its physical environment. This class–a joint DAPER/ME offering for both PE … Read more

Hubert Godard Writings

first steps

I first met Hubert Godard, dancer, Rolfer, professor and movement educator, in 1990.  Soon after, I felt the impulse to try to put some of his ideas in writing. They represent an exploration of the fundamental perspective of Rolfing—the importance of the gravitational field—that goes beyond structural alignment. Along with structural restrictions, habits of movement/coordination, … Read more

PI at MIT – Core Curriculum


Course Description Physical Intelligence classes take an experiential approach to the investigation and application of our innate ability to learn physical skills. Philosophically, the curriculum is founded on the premise that physical education is more than strength training, flexibility and aerobic fitness; physical education is also the development of our ability to access and benefit … Read more

The Physical Intelligence Initiative


The physical intelligence initiative represents an innovative approach to physical education designed to make PE a more integral and vital part of MIT education. The core curriculum takes an experiential approach that leads to an understanding/appreciation for the intelligence of the human organism in motion. In addition to making PE more relevant and engaging to … Read more