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Coming in 2024!

Expand Your Embodiment with Rolf Movement Integration

An online course 2 Mondays each month 11-1:30 from January to May 2024

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What this class can do for you:


Whether you are

a yoga, Pilates or movement teacher,

a psychologist/therapist wanting to incorporate somatic practices in your sessions,

a meditator or meditation teacher,

a massage therapist, structural integrator

or a human functioning in the gravitational field–

You will benefit from this series of classes!

  • Expand your understanding of how movement works –the fundamentals of movement.
  • Learn practices that support comfortable, effective embodiment.
  • Learn and deepen your understanding of Dr. Ida Rolf’s perspective and her famous 10 session form. Movement teachings are often passed down to the next generation through forms: Like the sun salutation in yoga, the tai chi forms, or Pilates’ syllabus, Dr. Rolf made her own contribution, sometimes called “the recipe.” This 10 session series reflects the functional goals that go into comfortable, effective embodiment in gravity. This inquiry encompasses a biomechanical perspective as well as our emotional and perceptual experience in relationship to the world and other people.

The class includes time spent with embodied experience, time for exploring concepts, and time to try out applications that you can put into practice right away.


Rolf Movement® Integration through the Ten Series

An online course via Zoom with

Aline Newton, Pierpaola Volpones & Rebecca Carli-Mills


This winter, I’m happy to be partnering with my colleagues, Rebecca Carli-Mills and Pierpaola Volpones, Certified Advanced Rolfing & Rolf Movement Instructors, to offer this online course in using Rolf Movement Integration in your practice. 

The class will meet via Zoom two Mondays per month beginning in January 2024.

Online zoom meetings 11am-1:30 pm Eastern time

We record each class and you will have access to the recordings during and after the course has completed. 

Please feel free to share this course announcement with your friends and colleagues. 
For more information, download our flyer
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Coming Summer 2024:

athletics (pole vault) pictogram
image credit:Citius Altius Fortius, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

July 15th-21st

In person!

6 day Rolfing Movement Certification workshop

Watertown, MA

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Other Programs

2023 Functional Anatomy Program at the Boston Conservatory Alexander Training Institute
Instead of “cutting us up” as the root of the word “anatomy” implies, this series of classes is an opportunity to understand anatomy from the perspective of a moving being. Taking an experiential approach, our journey will cover basic functions of balance, walking and breathing and the perspective of evolution, embryology and infant development.

Click the links below to see short videos from past Functional Anatomy classes at the Boston Conservatory:

Fascia and the Nervous System
Stabilization and the Spine
The Pelvic Floor, Part 1
The Pelvic Floor Part 2