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Hubert Godard Writings

I first met Hubert Godard, dancer, Rolfer, professor and movement educator, in 1990.  Soon after, I felt the impulse to try to put some of his ideas in writing. They represent an exploration of the fundamental perspective of Rolfing—the importance of the gravitational field—that goes beyond structural alignment. Along with structural restrictions, habits of movement/coordination, as well as habits of perception and even habitual interpretations can be playing a role in our pains, problems and patterns of experience. Gravity is not an abstract force outside of us, but a fundamental guide that we use unconsciously to orient all our movements.

The Functional Approach: Basic Concepts in the Work of Hubert Godard
Aline Newton, 1996
Gravity’s effect can be seen through the body’s movement patterns as well as through its structural alignment. We orient to gravity, through our sense of support and through our sense of the space that surrounds us. Physiology and psychology meet in this domain.

Tonic Function: A Gravity Response Model for Rolfing Structural and Movement Integration
Kevin Frank, 1995

Reading the Body in Dance
Hubert Godard, 1994
Rare writing from Godard himself  translated by Ruth Barnes and myself.

An Interview with Hubert Godard
Aline Newton, 1992
My first attempt to put in writing the important elements I found emphasized in Godard’s workshops.

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