Aline Newton Rolfing® Structural Integration



Physical Intelligence Initiative

PE for ME

Course Description

The sensing, thinking, moving body is the basis of our experience in the world; it is the very foundation on which cognitive intelligence is built. Physical Intelligence, then, is the inherent ability of the human organism to function in extraordinary accord with its physical environment. This class–a joint DAPER/ME offering for both PE and academic credit–uses the MIT gymnastics gym as a laboratory to explore Physical Intelligence as applied to ME and design. Readings, discussions and experiential learning introduce various dimensions of Physical Intelligence which students then apply to the design of innovative exercise equipment.

Noah Riskin, MIT Men’s Gymnastics Coach, with
Aline Newton, Rehab. Specialist
Alex Slocum, Prof. of Mech. E. with
Marc Graham, Mech. E. Ph.D. Candidate