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Stand Up and Try a Movement Snack!

This month, the NPR podcast Ted Talk is presenting a 6-segment special called Body Electric, to explore how the way we use our tech devices is impacting our bodies.

These days, many people’s jobs require hours of sitting in front of a computer. The popular fix of a standing desk does not appear to help enough. The first segment of Body Electric discusses the research showing that a mere 5 minute movement break every half-hour can have a huge positive impact on our overall health. The researchers at Columbia University Medical Center call these 5 minutes breaks: “movement snacks.” The bad news is that an hour at the gym every day is NOT a substitute for movement throughout the day. The good news is that the movement snack can be as simple as walking in place. Are you ready to try this for yourself?

This series is unique in that listener volunteers have partnered with Columbia University Medical Center to find out whether movement snacks can work for us in the real world, beyond the lab. We’ll find out in the last segment which airs next week, Nov 7th.

Image credit:”Tai Chi” by garryknight is licensed under CC BY 2.0.