Aline Newton Rolfing® Structural Integration



Physical Intelligence Initiative

Lab Concept

It is our proposal that cultivating Physical Intelligence will produce better researchers, scientists and engineers. Beyond fitness and the life skills typically associated with PE, Physical Intelligence offers students–regardless of their athletic ability–a chance to understand, experience and apply associations between exercise and academic disciplines in interdisciplinary labs, research and design.

Funding is being sought for a DAPER Teaching and Learning Lab based on the physical intelligence concept and designed to establish a substantive pedagogical link between PE and academic activity at MIT. Such a lab would provide a center for the articulation, development and exploration of both the conceptual and practical aspects of physical intelligence and for integrating it throughout academic departments– from physics, mechanical engineering, aero/astro, computer and cognitive science to communication and the arts—leading to a more complete integration of intellectual and physical experience for MITstudents.