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    2/1 Week 1: What Is Exercise?

    2/8 Week 2: The Physical Intelligence Model

    2/15 Week 3: Visual and Kinesthetic Perception

    2/22   Monday Schedule: no class

    3/1 Week 4: Physical Thinking

    3/8 Week 5: Orientation Strategies: Balancing

    3/15 Week 6: Learning Movement

    3/22   Spring Break

    3/29 Week 7: Designing Physical Intelligence

    4/5 Week 8: E-motion

    4/12 Week 9: Applying Physical Intelligence


Patriot's Day Holiday: No Class

    4/26 Week 10: Complex Coordination: Walking

    5/3 Week 11: Z-Center Lobby Exhibition Set-Up

    5/12 Week 12:




Week 2: The Physical Intelligence Model



"Tooling:" Using Theraband, students build machines designed to exercise key aspects of physical intelligence (eg, the body's relation to gravity, whole body movement, the role of sense perception).



Survey of exercise machines/devices past and present.


class summary Week 2 began with a look at last week's assignment: make a concept map using images, text and a good dose of creativity to explore last week's central question, "What is exercise?"  All students completed the assignment (a good sign!). The range of projects raised important questions:  Is a game of darts exercise? What about simply standing and breathing? If so, what is being exercised? Such questions led to a discussion on 3 key aspects of physical intelligence:
1. the body's ongoing organization in relation to gravity
2. the body as a system that is more than the sum of its parts
3. the role of sense perception in movement.

Week 2's lab involved hands-on exploration of  these 3 key aspects. Using one material--150 yards of latex Thera-band--students were asked to design 3 "machines", one to exercise each aspect. Students were allotted 15 minutes for each study. Creative solutions (see images) represented not only "outside of the box", but "outside of the room in which the box sits" studies, and a significant step toward initial project concept drawings due next week.



Concept Maps
panasaya's concept map
greg's concept map
viewing concept maps
tyler's concept map (.doc)

Getting to Work
getting to work1
getting to work2
getting to work3

Build a "Machine" That Exercises Your Relationship to Gravity
resistance running

Build a "Machine" That Exercises Your Body as a Whole
reverse situps
prep for flying training
flying training
"air running"

Build a "Machine" That Exercises Perception
exercise "machine" built for 2
hands become eyes



Brainstorm and produce concept drawings for three machines that exercise different key Physical Intelligence principles