Course Description



    1.  What is Physical Intelligence?

    2.  Orientation in Relation to Gravity

    3.  Perception

    4.  Proprioception

    5.  Spatial Perception

    6.  Complex Coordination

    7.  Learning and Development

    8.  E-motion

    9.  "Tooling"

    10.  Flight  


Before you take a step or raise an arm, your body has already anticipated the shift in your center of gravity and made countless tiny adjustments to help you maintain your balance. These “pre-movements” are what keep you from tumbling forward reaching for a glass, or falling when you turn suddenly upon hearing your name. Patterns of preparatory movement organize your orientation to gravity, and set the tone for all other, more complex actions. This week we will explore the individual strategies each of us employs to establish our highly refined and subtle rapport with gravity.

Investigations and Activities:

·   Meeting Gravity
  We will take advantage of DAPER’s high-speed imaging system to reveal the subtle premovements that keep us in balance. 

·   The Art of Falling
  A 40 foot padded incline allows us to play the line between balance and falling. Again, high-speed video will afford a detailed look at the elaborate compensatory dance the body does to maintain its balance under such extreme conditions. The best stumble wins.