Course Description



    1.  What is Physical Intelligence?

    2.  Orientation in Relation to Gravity

    3.  Perception

    4.  Proprioception

    5.  Spatial Perception

    6.  Complex Coordination

    7.  Learning and Development

    8.  E-motion

    9.  "Tooling"

    10.  Flight  


“Air” Jordan, Wonderwoman, Baryshnikov, or simply a child’s leap from a swing set; what is the perennial appeal of defying gravity, if only for a moment? From high-level athletes who make it look effortless, to the aspirations underlying the space program, human beings are constantly teasing the limitations of the body and of our physical condition. In our final week we will use “flight” as a vehicle to overview the cultural tension between the body and the passion of our scientific/technological pursuits.

Investigations and Activities

·   A Thousand Words
  To make a concept map illustrating connections between our scientific/technological society and our effort to transcend the limitations of our physical condition, we will pour through recent issues of Wired, Technology Review and other magazines in search of telling images (what they have to say may surprise you!).