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Footing for Power and Grace

Sunday April 30 Workshop 1-4pm

Green Street Studios, Cambridge, MA

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Your magnificent foot: Your landing pad, your foundation of support, the spring that pushes you off, all in one second – more than 5,000 times a day! As your body moves through gravity, how do the many joints in your feet work in ingenious combination so you can perform all these feats? Learn to fine-tune your feet as you walk, run, leap, and land.

Dancers, Yogis, Runners, Cyclists, Athletes, and Anyone Who Walks: This workshop will fortify you with greater ease of motion, more power with less effort, and doable new habits to avoid injury. Wear comfortable clothes. We’ll be moving around the studio.

Aline Newton is an Advanced Certified Rolfer and Rolf movement educator in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in private practice for over 20 years. Aline draws on the fundamentals of yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates to enrich her approach to Rolfing and movement. In addition, she has 20-plus years of experience with body-oriented approaches to psychotherapy and meditation.

Besides private practice, Aline has designed and taught a curriculum for the MIT Physical Intelligence Program and the Boston Conservatory ‘s Alexander Institute and has lectured and led workshops at Harvard University, Smith College and other Greater Boston organizations. Her published articles are widely used in movement programs across the U.S. and overseas


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2017 Functional Anatomy Program at the Boston Conservatory Alexander Training Institute
Instead of “cutting us up” as the root of the word “anatomy” implies, this series of classes is an opportunity to understand anatomy from the perspective of a moving being. Taking an experiential approach, our journey will cover basic functions of balance, walking and breathing and the perspective of evolution, embryology and infant development.

Click the links below to see short videos from 2016’s Functional Anatomy classes

at the Boston Conservatory:

Fascia and the Nervous System

Stabilization and the spine

The Pelvic Floor, Part 1            

The Pelvic Floor Part 2




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